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Rockwood Management - Services:
  • We have significant experience with a wide range of property types and sizes. We have owned or managed industrial buildings, both new and old, small multi-residential to high rise residential properties, small to mid-sized retail plazas as well as office complexes.
  • We will perform a complete-owner carefree management service or provide selected services according to the needs of the property owner.
  • We maintain separate client bank accounts and separate computer directories for each client and each property.. All bank accounts are accessible online. (Currently existing client bank accounts can be used if preferable.)
  • We utilize state-of-the-art property management software to provide a wide range of computer-assisted reporting. Data is retained securely and indefinitely such that historical data for any period is readily accessible.
  • We secure group property/liability insurance policies at preferential rates.
  • Repairs, preventative maintenance, capital improvements/replacements are arranged and supervised.
  • We negotiate and administer contracts or hiring for normal ongoing maintenance requirements (eg. landscaping, office cleaning)
  • We provide full leasing services including access to MLS listing as well as several online databases.
  • We provide comprehensive accounts payable services including invoice payment and cheque preparation.
  • Bulk gas purchases under contracts
  • For residential properties, we supply all the administrative services required under the Residential Tenancies Act S.O. 2006 including the delivery of rent increase notices and rental terminations if required. If necessary, we engage the services of a lawyer or para-legal firm.
  • Our current management contract is based on an industry standard as provided by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).
  • We have experience with mortgage power-of-sale properties and "turn-around" properties under short-term management.
  • References are available. Most of our clients are of long standing.
  • Through our real estate associations we are able to both purchase and sell investments properties for our client portfolios.